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So many runners steer clear of trail running because they fear isolated stretches of trail. You never know what crazed wild animal or brutal serial killer is waiting for you behind the next tree. The fact is, running on trails is much safer than running on sidewalks or roads. One stat I found said that 122,000 runners are hit by cars every year. EVERY YEAR! As far as I know, there has only ever been one trail runner injury so far this year. It was me. I tripped on a leaf-covered root while at the end of a very long run.

Get out on the trails. You don’t know the beauty, peace and sheer joy you are missing. Of course, leave your headphones at home. The sound of birds and the wind in the trees is music enough.

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Gregory Sherrow
Gregory is life-long runner, especially when it comes to trail-like surfaces. He just happens to have spent the last dozen years or so working from home so he never has an excuse to skip a running day (but does anyway).

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