Number 24 – Because I can Webcomic


Long distance runners usually need to dig deep to accomplish their goals. It doesn’t matter if your “reach” distance is a half-marathon, marathon, 50k, 50 miler, 100 miler, multi-day or adventure race, somewhere inside of you sits an “I can do this because ______” experience. Fortunately, this means that the older you get, the more experiences you get to fill in the blank with.

“I can finish this race because I’ve been through worse,” can also be flipped around. “I can overcome this major life challenge because I am a long distance runner.”

Live your life the way you run.

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Gregory Sherrow
Gregory is life-long runner, especially when it comes to trail-like surfaces. He just happens to have spent the last dozen years or so working from home so he never has an excuse to skip a running day (but does anyway).

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