Who the heck is Gregory Sherrow?

profile imageI am a life-long runner who applies a slightly skewed view of running to webcomics and articles (if you haven’t noticed). Early mornings will find me far out on the trails year-round and in all weather.

If you like my webcomics, please share them and feel free to use them in your articles and blog posts. I just ask that you link back to this website and give me credit by name. That’s it! Free content, what better gift to the world can there be?

Every comic has simple information on how to link to the image from my site. Just click on the “Post on your website!” link. If you need to upload it to you site to use it in an article, simply right-click and download it. If you need a larger, higher-quality version or want to talk about anything else, just email me at hey@secretsofrunning.com.


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