The best trail running shoe on the planet

I have been running in the Saucony Peregrine trail running shoes since the Peregrine 5s came out. They are hands down, the best balance between ruggedness, traction, durability and weight. With a 4mm drop they have just the right balance between heel and forefoot and the stack height is perfect for keeping the sharpest stones from ruining your run.

The best reflective vests: cheap visibility for your valuable life

Those early morning and evening runs can be treacherous. Not only do you need to make sure you don't trip on the broken pavement hidden in the shadows, the cars are trying to kill you. And it doesn't even need to be pitch black for you to be invisible to drivers. Cloudy days, fog, rain and driver inattentiveness also make put you at risk. High visibility is cheap and lightweight. Aren't you worth a few bucks?

A simple running form that anyone can do (and it really is a secret)

Running comes naturally to humans. We are literally born to it. When kids run, they just run and experienced runners marvel at how naturally they fall into the perfect form for their bodies.

Let's assume that you aren't a kid. If you are a beginning runner and wonder if you are doing it right or been running for a while and are now beginning to wonder if your running form is the cause of issues you are having then read on.

The Power of the Running Hat

The innocent running hat doesn't seem like much. A good one weighs less than a pair of thick running socks but the running hat is one of the most overlooked essential pieces of running gear.

In the summer it wicks sweat away from your brow destined to sting your eyes, prevents a sunburned scalp and shades your eyes. In winter it warms your head and deflects rain and wind.

My running hat is more than twelve years old...

The secret to perfect running arms

There are almost as many running styles out there as there are runners. Yours is unique to your body but little tweaks can make you more efficient. Who wouldn't want to be a little faster and go a little farther with the same effort?

The running plan for beginners

Learn to run the easy way. This is a simple, slow-ramp running plan aimed at beginners. Regular runners can modify this plan easily to take them to the next level. Enjoy your running and jogging. It should be fun and this plan will help keep it that way.

12 tips to Buying Running Shoes That Are Right For You

What do you mean "what to buy"??? Just go find some sporty athletic shoes that say something about running on the label and you are good to go. What's so hard about that?

Um... No. 

If you have read my other articles you will know that I don't follow traditions or recycle old wives tales. Just because you can find the same advice 99 times on Google, it doesn't mean it's correct. If I don't experience it first hand or can find a quality study or two to support it, I consider it rumor not fact. If you disagree with these, tell my why in the comments.

The secret to reading Born to Run and saving your feet

Born to Run by Chris McDougal, is an inspirational running book and a really fun read. Every new runner who picks up the book and sprints through the same 3 phases: initial excitement, followed by confusion and then either disappointment or revelation. Every time I pass my copy of the book along to a newbie runner friend, I feel morally bound to include a reality checklist that will lead to happy revelations instead of disappointment so, instead. I made this blog post.

The Secret Running Plan for Absolute Beginners (idiot proof edition)

Running is fantastic and addictive. If you are here because you want to run and aren't sure how fast and far to go without killing yourself and your newfound enthusiasm, you are in the right place. Almost anyone can run, you just need to put one foot in front of the other (sort of).


This part is kinda "duh, yeah Gregory!" but it needs to be said: if you haven't been athletic until now, you need to start slowly and build up. It's not just your endurance that you need to build up but your entire frame (joints, ligaments, etc). For those of you who are already active in a sport that involves running around (soccer) or jumping (basketball) then you are slightly ahead. If you have been playing golf, don't kid yourself. It's not an athletic sport; it's a past-time (insert flame wars in comments section, please).