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This is a site for runners run by volunteers. You’ll find articles, videos, running shoe recommendations as well as links to running watch and book recs. Recommendations, reviews, and articles are all provided by people like you who simply have a love for running. Some links have affiliate codes on them that go to support the volunteers. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it is a simple way to say thank you to the runners who took the time to curate recommendations and write articles.

If you feel there’s value in someone cutting through BS algorithms so you can spend your time running instead of running around, then please click through our links to make a purchase. Thank you.

Make running the best part of your life.

Why do we often recommend the older version of a shoe? Sometimes, it feels like you can go broke buying running shoes. For our runners to recommend a shoe, it has to not only be great for its designed purpose, it should be relatively affordable for its class and discounted. Learn how to find the best running shoe for you without spending a ton.

We put the best deals in one place so you can spend your time running instead of running around.